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EU: Welfare Migration in Europe and the Cost of a Harmonised Social Assistance,

The enlargement of the European Union has increased concerns about the role of generous welfare transfers in attracting migrants. This paper of IZA explores the issue of welfare migration across the 15 countries of the pre-enlargement Union and finds a significant but small effect of the generosity of welfare on migration decisions.


Migration Topic Week – IZA, researchers, experts, Migrant Ethnicity Meeting

The "Migration Topic Week 2006" from May 13 - 21, 2006 is a newly initiated gathering of migration scholars at IZA, within the area of Migration activities and in conjunction with the IZA Annual Migration Meeting (AM²).The idea is to create a new forum of discussions on migration, to provide the opportunities to have useful interactions and engage in long discussions with both young scholars and seasoned researchers in migration, to have highly stimulating and provocative meetings, to brainstorm, and to converge to possible fruitful collaborations.


UNHCR: Human Displacement in the New Millennium, State of the World's Refugees

LONDON – The State of the World's Refugees: Human Displacement in the New Millennium," was launched in London by High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres and U.K. Secretary of State for International Development Hilary Benn, on 19 April 2006. The book examines the changing dynamics of displacement over the past half decade. While the number of refugees – 9.2 million – is now the lowest in 25 years, it says the international system for dealing with human displacement has reached a critical juncture as it struggles with new challenges in an increasingly globalised world.


EU Law & Policy on Immigration, Asylum, Summer School, Brussels, Odysseus Academ

BRUSSELS – The Odysseus Academic Network has organised again a Summer School on Immigration and Asylum Policy of the European Union during the two first weeks of July, and which will again take place in Brussels on 3 -14 July 2006 at the University of Brussels (U.L.B.)

ILO: Brain drain, brain gain or brain waste: international migration of medical

GENEVA/LONDON - The global health care profession employs an estimated 100 million people, but is not attracting enough new recruits in both developed and developing countries alike. So fierce is the competition to secure scarce health care professionals, that private recruitment agencies stage promotional events and aggressive recruitment campaigns in supplying countries. A recent ILO study (Note 1) examines these shortages of health care professionals and the role played by private recruitment agencies in the flows of international migration.

Berlin - Conference: Street Children, third country nationals in the EU

Street Children Protection and support measures for third country national street children in the EU Member States

Third country national street children are part of the reality of the metropolitan areas of the European Union. As a finished project carried out by BIVS and European partner organisations has shown, among these street children are many unaccompanied minor migrants. So far, in the host countries there is a lack of both adequate political will and the legal and social strategies and concepts needed for the protection of third country national street children. The project aims at analysing the situation in four cities and at evaluating the possibility of an EU-wide distribution of approved measures and strategies.

Geneva: Poverty, Vulnerability and Migration Choice- Conference, Migration DRC,

Poverty, Vulnerability and Migration Choice

Workshop on 18-19 May 2006, Geneva
This workshop, sponsored by the Migration DRC in collaboration with the European IMISCOE network seeks to explore the interconnections between poverty and vulnerability on the one hand, and the process of migration on the other. The aim is to stimulate dialogue between actors and stakeholders working in the areas of poverty and migration, including researchers, government bodies and nongovernmental organisations.
More information at http://www.migrationdrc.org/

ECJ: Union citizens, move and reside freely, C-408/03, Directive 90/364/EEC

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) delivered on 23 March 2006 another important judgment, confirming solid rights Union citizens enjoy within the framework of the right to move and reside freely. The court states that Belgium had failed to fulfil its obligations under Article 18 EC and Council Directive 90/364/EEC because the requirement of 'personal resources' is fulfilled regardless whether the resources are personal or coming from any other source.

France: Selective Immigration, Brain Drain, Immigration Law, Point system

France: Discussion on selective immigration and restricted family reunion – pros and cons of migrants as economic factors
PARIS – The main question of immigration law is: Who is entitled to immigrate and how much inflow is allowed? In principle there are three ways to get (legal) access to a country: asylum, family reunion and labour migration. In scale and significance the two later are the far most important. On 7 February 2006, French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy proposed new immigration laws that shall tighten possibilities of unskilled labour immigration in favour of skilled immigration. Moreover, family reunion shall be limited.

EU: European year of workers' mobility, EURES, 1 Mio EU-wide jobs advertised

Around one million job vacancies throughout the EU will be advertised on 20 February 2006 on a new job search website, unveiled as part of the launch of the European Year of Workers' Mobility. The website and the Year will be launched by European Commission President Barroso, Commissioner Špidla and Austrian Minister for Economics and Labour Bartenstein at the conference 'Workers' mobility: a right, an option, an opportunity?' in Brussels.

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