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UK: EU Accession, Immigration, social benefits, economic impact, A8, labour migr

Labour migrants from A8-Accession Countries have positive impact on British economy


LONDON – In the aftermath of the EU enlargement in April 2004 some 346,000 labour migrants mainly from Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia have come to Britain. Their impact on British economy is modest but broadly positive and there is no evidence for a particular burden on social benefits or employment a UK government report published on 28 February 2006 shows.


Asylum Management - European Commission's proposals on improvements and further

BRUSSELS – On 17 February 2006, the European Commission adopted a Communication on Strengthened Practical Cooperation in the field of asylum management. Herewith the Commission presented its vision of how Member States should further cooperate on asylum with a view to the establishment of a fully harmonised EU system. The Communication sets out a work programme for operational cooperation between Member States which should lead to improvements in the efficiency and the quality of the asylum systems of Member States.

EU: Migration and Asylum - 7 new thematic programmes

BRUSSELS - The European Commission approved on 25 January 2006 7 new thematic programmes in the framework of the reform of its External Actions. With the EU’s country and regional programmes, the new thematic programmes will form the backbone of the Commission’s external cooperation activities from 2007 onwards.

EU: Visa for third countries - Commission on visa waiver reciprocity

BRUSSELS – On 14 January, EU commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security Frattini presented a first report adopted by the Commission on 10 January 2006 on visa waiver reciprocity to the Justice and Home Affairs Council.

Berlin: Naturalisation initiative – citizenship campaign, dual nationality

Germany - Berlin launches naturalisation initiative for young migrants
BERLIN – On 9 January 2006 the Senate of Berlin, i.e. the city government of the German Capital, launched a naturalisation campaign for young migrants. The commissioner of the Senate for integration and migration, Günter Piening, invites everyone to contribute to the German society as a full member. The campaign aims at reversing the overall trend of decreasing naturalisation rates.

EU: Policy Plan on Legal Migration, Green paper, Hague Programme

Economic migration in the EU: the labour markets’ situation and demographic trends
BRUSSELS – On 21 December 2005, the EU Commission published its Policy Plan on Legal Migration focusing primarily on economic immigration. The Policy Plan does not contain any legislative or operational proposal. Instead, it lists actions and legislative initiatives that the Commission intends to take. This includes the areas of exchange and coordination of available information, conditions of entry and residence for third-country nationals, the integration of migrants and the cooperation with countries of origin.

ICONET - EU Commission launches network on irregular migration

BRUSSELS – On Friday, 13 January 2006, the European Commission has adopted a Decision laying down detailed rules for the implementation of the Council Decision establishing a secure web-based Information and Coordination Network for Member States’ Migration Management Services.

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EU: Asylum Procedures Directive, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), Common European

BRUSSELS - With the adoption of the Asylum Procedures Directive at Justice and Home Affairs Council in Brussels on 1 December 2005, the EU completed the first phase of the Common European Asylum System. This Directive, along with the other legislative instruments on asylum already adopted by the Council, guarantees a minimum level of protection and safeguards in all Member States for those genuinely in need of international protection while helping prevent fraudulent claims which undermine the credibility of asylum. 

EU Commission: package on immigration and asylum, Regional Protection Programmes

BRUSSELS - The measures adopted by the European Commission on 1 September 2005 comprise the proposal for a Directive on common standards on return and three Communications, on Integration, on Regional Protection Programmes and on Migration and Development. This is an important step towards the realisation of the objectives announced in the Hague Action Plan adopted by the Council in June and the achievement of a balanced approach in the migration and asylum field.

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