Das Vereinigte Königreich führt Sprachprüfung beim Familiennachzug ein

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Das Vereinigte Königreich führt nächste Monat eine Sprachprüfung für den Familiennachzug ein.

Hierzu findet sich im Telegraph folgende Meldung:

From next month, foreigners wanting to marry a Briton or other UK resident will have to pass an English test before they are allowed to enter the country.
It is aimed at promoting integration and to combat sham marriages.

But other EU citizens living and working here will be able to bring a foreign partner from anywhere in the world without them having to show they can speak English.

It is because the spouse of an EU citizen is automatically given the same right to free movement under the Union's rules.

In contrast, any one wanting to marry a British citizen will have to pass the test because free movement does not apply while an EU member is in their home country.

Liberty, the civil rights group, called it a "perverse" loophole that will better protect the rights of European migrants than Britons in their own country.
It also warned the language requirements in general could breach human rights laws over the right to family life.

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